Dashboard information

Where is this information from?
myGov & Australian Department of Human Services.
What is myGov?
myGov is a secure, fast and simple way to access Australian Government services online with one username and password.
What is an "Active Account"?
An account on myGov with at least 1 linked member service.
What is a "Sign-in"?
A log in to the myGov service. In a given month, multiple sign-ins by a single account will be counted multiple times.
What is a member service?
This is an Australian Government service available to users through the myGov account.
What is cost per transaction?
The cost per transaction measures, the annual variable costs of the myGov service divided by the number of successful sign-ins. The calculation does not include ongoing maintenance or infrastructure costs associated with the service.
What is the take up rate?
Is measured as a percentage of total population over the age of 15 and total number of active myGov accounts.
What is completion rate?
This measure is calculated by the total number of sign-ins for the month divided by total number of customers who signed into myGov using 1 and 2-factor authentication in the single session.
What is browser types?
Browsers listed under Other include browsers from mobile and other devices that are capable of accessing the internet. Eg Samsung Internet, Sony PlayStation browsers and Kindle web browser are included in the total.
What is user satisfaction?
This measure is currently under development and will be added when it becomes available.