Dashboard information

Metrics related to humanservices.gov.au
A beta version of the redesigned humanservices.gov.au was trialed alongside the live site between July and August 2017. The beta attracted over 57,000 visits and 1,800 items of feedback.The redesigned site went live on 27 August 2017.
User satisfaction
This data is taken from the live environment spanning pre and post launch. It is based on over 750,000 unique poll responses. User satisfaction is measured through page polling. At the end of each page, there is a simple yes or no survey – ‘was this page helpful?’ The responses are added to derive a total user satisfaction level. Pages with less than 10 responses are not included in the total. Responses to page polling account on average for less than 2% of overall site usage.
Cost per transaction
The cost per transaction measures, the annual running costs of the humanservices.gov.au hosting and publishing platform divided by the unique visitor sessions. The calculation does not include staff costs associated with content creation, publishing and platform management.
Digital take-up
We do not have this data at the moment because we are trying to determine the best way to measure take up of a redesigned information service. Visitor numbers are unchanged from before and after the redesign activity.
Completion rate
In the first quarter of 2018 additional polling will be developed to reflect task completion in an information context. This will be trialed across the site. Reporting will commence in the second quarter of 2018.