Dashboard information

What is Trade Mark Assist?
Trade Mark Assist is an interactive 24/7 tool designed to educate unrepresented applicants through the initial stages of the application process. Trade Mark Assist benefits small businesses by guiding them to make better decisions early in the process, avoiding common mistakes and improving the quality of trade mark applications.
Cost per transaction
Measures the cost per session by dividing the total number of sessions per month by the monthly operating cost.
User satisfaction
Measures the average user experience rating from users who submit feedback through the feedback survey on the Trade Mark Assist site.
Digital take-up
Measures the percent of users who are educated by, or access information through, the online Trade Mark Assist tool, as opposed to contacting the call centre for this information.
Completion rate
Measures the percentage of sessions that progress through the tool to receive goods and services recommendations and any observations on their proposed trade mark.