Dashboard Information

What is the Digital Marketplace?
As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, the DTA is delivering the Digital Marketplace. The current Beta release provides a richer and simpler environment for technology procurement, enabling businesses, especially SMEs and start-ups, to provide specialist digital services to government. The vision is to create an end-to-end digital environment that accommodates the level of simplicity, creativity and structure appropriate to each procurement interaction.
Who is the user group of the Digital Marketplace?
Local, state and federal government buyers and sellers of digital services are the primary user groups.
Metrics related to the activity of businesses on the Marketplace
On 28th February 2017, the Digital Marketplace invited digital businesses from across Australia to register and create their digital shopfront to government. You can view the number of applicants in each digital service area along with business identifiers including size, type and diversity group on the Digital Marketplace.
User satisfaction
User satisfaction is measured as the average response from buyers and sellers who participated in a user satisfaction survey. Participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with the Marketplace on a scale from 0 to 100. This was the first survey we have conducted in this manner and plan to undertake monthly reviews as we iterate our feature set and learn from our users.
Cost per transaction
Cost per transaction measures the cost of delivering the Digital Marketplace each time a user views the site. It is calculated by the number of sessions against the total cost of developing, supporting and iterating the Marketplace including operations and management. The Marketplace is operating within a DevOps cycle where the team iterates features based on user feedback and continuously releases working software.
Digital take-up
Digital take-up measures the number of Federal agencies registered as buyers on the Digital Marketplace against the number of Federal agencies in the Commonwealth. We will release additional stats to include our state and non-commonwealth buyers in future updates.
Completion rate
Completion rate measures the number of contracts awarded (reported to Austender) against the number of briefs published. This number excludes the corporate entities that do not report to Austender.